Iraq Receives Last Batch of Pantsir-S1 Combat Vehicles

File Photo: Iraq’s Ministry to Defense Interfax15.02.2016 Iraq
Iraq Receives Last Batch of Pantsir-S1 Combat Vehicles

Iraq Receives Last Batch of Pantsir-S1 Combat Vehicles

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Russia has completed on Friday 12 February a contract for the supply of a large consignment of anti-aircraft missile-gun complexes (ZRPK) “Pantsir-S1” to Iraq, a source in the sphere of military-technical cooperation told Interfax news agency.

“Baghdad has received more than 20 “Pantsir-S1” combat vehicles,” the Agency's interlocutor said.

In 2012-2013 Rosoboronexport signed several contracts on the delivery of arms to Iraq. The precise terms and price of the contract was not formally disclosed. According to unofficial data, it totaled $4.2 billion and included the purchase of Su-25, heavy flamethrower system TOS-1A “the Sun”, helicopters Mi-28NE and Mi-35M, as well as portable anti-aircraft missile complexes “Igla-S”.

According to various estimates, it also included the procurement of 24 to 42 combat vehicles ZRPK “Pantsir-S1”. This was stated by the Iraqi Defense Ministry when asked about the appearance of this technology in the autumn of 2014. This equipment was publicly demonstrated for the first time  during a parade on 1st February 2015 in Baghdad (photo).

ZRPK “Pantsir-S1” was created in the Tula Instrument Design Bureau. The first versions were developed in early 1990’s and, subsequently, the complex was completely redone for the execution of an export order to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The complex is equipped with quick-firing 30-mm automatic guns and guided missiles, it is designed to work with air defense systems, with the task of protecting them from low-flying stealth aircraft's weapons (including cruise missiles).



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