‘Bright Star 2023’ Joint Military Exercise Concludes in Egypt

14.09.2023 Africa
‘Bright Star 2023’ Joint Military Exercise Concludes in Egypt

‘Bright Star 2023’ Joint Military Exercise Concludes in Egypt

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The Egyptian Armed Forces announced that conclusion of “Bright Star 2023”, a joint military exercise that involves 8,000 troops from 34 countries, held at the Mohammed Najib Military Base from 31 August to 14 September 2023.

The training activities included the implementation of a number of typical and atypical shootings exercise with live ammunition for various weapons from different shooting positions. (SOF-09) SMEE was also implemented to exchange experiences in the field of Special Forces. Chemical warfare equipment from the countries, participating in the training, were also displayed, the Egyptian Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

Furthermore, the training activities included the implementation of the Joint Command Post Exercise (CPX), which included many theoretical and practical lectures, preparation and organization procedures for battle, command and control work, exchange of experiences and information, and training in decision-making. Besides, The International Committee of the Red Cross experts participated in a number of training activities.

The training activities also included the implementation of a number of Situational Training Exercise (STX) dealing with encountering Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (AUV), countering snipers, confronting Improvised Explosive Devices, and first aid. A training also on medical search and rescue work has been conducted, an air medical evacuation operation with the participation of the Air Force and members of the Medical Services Department has been implemented, and a number of lectures in the field of cybersecurity were also conducted.

The Naval Forces carried out a number of training activities with their counterparts from the participating countries, which included a number of lectures to unify concepts, exchange combat experiences, and implement a number of sailing formations. Air Force members from the participating countries also carried out joint air operations to train in Aerial warfare and Aerial refueling. (Source & Photo © Egyptian Ministry of Defense)



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