Egyptian Air Force Strongest in Middle East & North Africa

Global Firepower; Egypt Daily News; File Photo: Egypt Air Force Dassault Rafale)19.09.2019 Egypt
Egyptian Air Force Strongest in Middle East & North Africa

Egyptian Air Force Strongest in Middle East & North Africa

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Surpassing Turkey, Israel, and Iran, Egyptian Air Force was announced the strongest in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), according to Global Firepower (GFP), ranking 9th in the world.

The website clarified that Egypt has 1,092 aircraft, beating Turkey that owns 1,067 aircraft and Israel with 595 aircraft. The GFP ranking explained that Israeli Air Force is the 18th globally, while Turkey came 10th.

 Saudi Arabia followed Egypt in the ranking in MENA region, then Algeria in the third place and the UAE in the fourth place.

 Egypt also surpassed the US, Turkey, and Israel in terms of air defense and missiles, having 1,100 rocket projectors, according to GFP, which made the Egypt as the fifth top country in the world in terms of rocket projectors.

 In 2018, Egypt was ranked 10th strongest military power in the world. This year, it’s the 12th global military power.

 Regarding rocket projectors, the US Air Defense ranked 6th after Egypt, owning 1,056 rocket projectors, while Turkey occupied the 12th place with 350 rocket projectors, and Israel came 26th having only 150 rocket projectors.

 For the naval forces, Egypt has occupied advanced ranking compared to Israel and Turkey, as it owns 319 vessels, making it the 6th strongest navy in the world, while Turkey came 12th with 194 vessels.

 Israel was in the 37th place with 65 vessels, according to the GFP.


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