Lockheed Martin Helps Pilots, UAS Operators Share Data

05.08.2015 North America
Lockheed Martin Helps Pilots, UAS Operators Share Data

Lockheed Martin Helps Pilots, UAS Operators Share Data

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As Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) take to the skies, it is essential for safety that UAS operators and pilots are aware of each other. To help provide this shared situational awareness, Lockheed Martin has deployed the first components of a UAS traffic management (UTM) system that is available to the UAS community now.

Lockheed Martin’s online Flight Service Pilot Web feeds flight plan information directly to the Federal Aviation Administration’s National Airspace System (NAS) today. UAS operators now have an option of reporting operating areas via this system. UAS operators and pilots may access the system through the Lockheed Martin Flight Service Pilot Portal. 

“Our objective is an open, standards-based system that individual operators and other private UTM systems can use to interact seamlessly and securely with the NAS,” said Paul Engola, Vice President of Lockheed Martin’s Transportation and Financial Solutions business.

Lockheed Martin is developing additional UTM capabilities in collaboration with several industry stakeholders including the NASA UTM research project through a Space Act information sharing agreement.

These capabilities include standards-based software interfaces that allow UAS ground control stations and other UTM platforms to interact directly with Lockheed Martin’s UTM system; monitoring of UAS to determine if they remain in their intended operating area; and notification of air traffic control when UAS encroach on controlled airspace. Lockheed Martin is also developing capabilities to support beyond line-of-sight UAS operations through ground-based detect and avoid capabilities.



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