Saabs’ GBAD Solution

27.01.2011 Europe
Saabs’ GBAD Solution

Saabs’ GBAD Solution

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The integration of both RBS 70 and BAMSE Systems proved its unique abilities in the summer of 2010 at the ELITE (Electronic Warfare Live Training Exercise), a major exercise pitting air defense against air power.

The Swedish air defense regiment (Lv6) were deployed to Heuberg and its systems were being put to the test against a variety of advanced opponents from 16 nations.


"Lv6 last participated in ELITE in 2007 but in the future, we'll be taking part in the exercise every other year. At the same time we'll be increasing our involvement beginning in 2012," says Lv6 Commander, Colonel Lennart Klevensparr. "ELITE will then become a part of the exercise series. It's a simple matter of fact that it's a very beneficial exercise for us. It's also been demonstrated that our material and personnel are of world-class," says Colonel Klevensparr.

The RBS 70 air defense missile system, developed and produced by Saab, is a uniquely effective, unjammable, man-portable system (MANPADS), procured by 18 countries located on all 5 continents. With its wide range of capabilities the latest generation RBS70 has the unique capacity to support the requirements from many nations seeking an effective, portable, unjammable VSHORAD system. The system’s high function reliability is verified in the most exacting environmental conditions, including tropical, desert and arctic conditions.

As for the BAMSE system, it is originally designed fir Ground to Air combat. Its firing units are co-ordinated by the GIRAFFE AMB surveillance radar and C4I function, which also coordinates the RBS 70 MANPADS. With a basic configuration of 3 firing units, the BAMSE system has ground coverage of more than 1,500 km2 and effective altitude coverage of 15,000 m. The systems work together to locate, track and destroy any aerial threat, from small, high velocity anti-radiation missiles to large, low-speed bomber aircraft. The first units have been trained and the system is now in operation in Sweden.

The complete integrated Ground-Based-Air-Defense (GBAD) solutions produced by Saab have been designed in response to requirements of the Swedish Armed Forces and other customers worldwide. The main objective of these customers is to produce well trained combat units, at relatively low cost. To achieve this, their weapon systems have to be simple to operate. The principles by which they are governed are:

•    The Armed Forces’ doctrine of cost-effective defense
•    Low operational and life cycle costs
•    Maintenance-free missiles
•    The potential to integrate complementary systems in the future

The air defense systems produced by Saab are designed to meet operational life of more than 30 years, which has been verified by several customers. The advanced technology and low failure rates ensure that customers will obtain the utmost value for money in terms of price versus performance, tactical flexibility, operational costs and availability.



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