EDGE to Collaborate with Turkish Aerospace Industries on Airborne-Domain Projects

12.02.2024 Aviation & Space
EDGE to Collaborate with Turkish Aerospace Industries on Airborne-Domain Projects

EDGE to Collaborate with Turkish Aerospace Industries on Airborne-Domain Projects

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EDGE, one of the world’s leading advanced technology and defence groups, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Turkish Aerospace, a prominent Türkiye-based aerospace and defence technology company, at the World Defense Show in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to work together on several aerospace-specific initiatives.

The agreement represents a joint commitment to integrate EDGE’s advanced payloads and sensors to Turkish Aerospace’s products. With the MoU, the two companies will provide continuous Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance (ISTAR). It also includes the potential for technology transfer (TOT), integration, and manufacturing.

Khaled Al Zaabi, President of Platforms & Systems, EDGE Group, said: “Our agreement to collaborate with Turkish Aerospace as the partner of choice for advanced airborne projects strengthens our continued cooperation with Türkiye’s defence industry ecosystem, and speaks volumes about the global appeal and trust placed in us as a leading international technology and defence company.”

“Further to this, it highlights the state-of-the-art capabilities EDGE has developed and acquired since our inception only four years ago, including homegrown UAE technology. We look forward to the outcomes of our collaborative efforts with Turkish Aerospace and our continued advancements in the aerospace and defence sectors,” he added.

The President and CEO of Turkish Aerospace, Prof. Temel Kotil, stated: “I wish this memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Turkish Aerospace and EDGE to be beneficial to both companies, and hope that this collaboration will be further expanded in the coming years.”

Launched in November 2019, the UAE’s EDGE is one of the world’s leading advanced technology groups, established to develop agile, bold and disruptive solutions for defence and beyond, and to be a catalyst for change and transformation. It is dedicated to bringing breakthrough innovations, products, and services to market with greater speed and efficiency, to position the UAE as a leading global hub for future industries, and to creating clear paths within the sector for the next generation of highly-skilled talent to thrive.

With a focus on the adoption of 4IR technologies, EDGE is driving the development of sovereign capabilities for global export and for the preservation of national security, working with front-line operators, international partners, and adopting advanced technologies such as autonomous capabilities, cyber-physical systems, advanced propulsion systems, robotics and smart materials. EDGE converges R&D, emerging technologies, digital transformation, and commercial market innovations with military capabilities to develop disruptive solutions tailored to the specific requirements of its customers.

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, capital of the UAE, EDGE consolidates more than 25 entities into five core clusters: Platforms & Systems, Missiles & Weapons, Space & Cyber Technologies, Trading & Mission Support, and Homeland Security.

Turkish Aerospace continues to serve with over 17.000 employees, including 7,000 engineers, in an area of 4 million square meters open and 710,000 square meters enclosed, in the design, development, modernization, manufacturing, integration, and life cycle support processes of integrated aerospace and space industry systems, from fixed and rotary-wing air platforms to unmanned aerial vehicles and space systems. It is situated as Türkiye’s technology center and stands among global players in the aviation, space, and defense industries.



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