NAUSS Hosts 23rd INTERPOL Police Training Symposium in Riyadh

26.09.2022 Security
NAUSS Hosts 23rd INTERPOL Police Training Symposium in Riyadh

NAUSS Hosts 23rd INTERPOL Police Training Symposium in Riyadh

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The 23rd INTERPOL Police Training Symposium kicked off Monday at the headquarters of Naif Arab University for Security Sciences (NAUSS) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The 3-day symposium (26-28 September) is held under the theme of “Law Enforcement Training for a Post-Pandemic World,” as 450 legal and security experts participate in the event.

During the first day, the Symposium reviewed INTERPOL’s strategy for 2022-2025 capacity-building programs, and discuss measures taken to sustain police training during the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to reviewing the efforts of members of the INTERPOL Global Academy Network in building and developing security capabilities.

On the second day, the Symposium will discuss training technologies and the INTERPOL Digital Training Transformation program, as well as data-security challenges in online training. The INTERPOL will explain how law enforcement personnel are using evolving technologies like virtual reality and artificial intelligence to support training and hybrid learning.

Meanwhile, NAUSS’s Center of Excellence in Cybercrimes and Digital Forensics will brief the participants on the cyber capacity-building in the Arab region.

The Symposium concludes its work on the third day, by putting a set of recommendations that help law enforcement authorities apply best practices in the field of training and police capacity building.

The INTERPOL Police Training Symposium is held every two years. It is designed for executive-level officers from national, regional and international entities in the field of police capacity building, training and development. This includes academic institutions involved in law enforcement education.

NAUSS hosts this year's symposium as a part of a strategic partnership with INTERPOL to combat crimes, through implementing a set of joint academic, training and research programs. (NAUSS; Photo © NAUSS)



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