DCNS CONTRALTO®-V Torpedo Defence System

20.10.2011 Security
DCNS CONTRALTO®-V Torpedo Defence System

DCNS CONTRALTO®-V Torpedo Defence System

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In September 2011, DCNS has successfully tested at its Underwater Weapons BU in Saint-Tropez the new functionalities of its surface ship torpedo defence countermeasure CANTO®-V.
Those latest trials were conducted as part of the development of the CONTRALTO®-V. line of products.
CONTRALTO® is a new generation torpedo defence system for surface ships (V version) and submarines (S version). It has been specially developed to counter the latest generation of torpedoes. Based on the confusion and dilution concept, the CONTRALTO® system causes the attacking torpedo’s homing and re-attack logic to be saturated with multiple options by creating permanently and simultaneously hundreds of false acoustic targets. Once an attacking torpedo has been detected, CONTRALTO® determines, in connection with the platform combat system, the parameters governing the deployment of CANTO® countermeasures and suggests the evasive manoeuvre best adapted to the tactical situation of the surface ship or submarine.

The latest trials of the torpedo defence countermeasure CANTO®-V have enabled the validation of-its mechanical launching strength. They supplemented previous tests performed during the summer whose purpose was to improve the functionalities in respect of launching safety, ballistics and interfacing with the new air operated decoy launcher developed by the DCNS plant in Ruelle, France. The recorded results of those trials have made it possible to enrich ballistic simulation models.

The results of those trials have reinforced the capacity of DCNS to propose all inclusive torpedo defence solutions for all types of surface ships.

In keeping with the changing operational needs of today’s navies and to reduce the acquisition costs of vessels, the CONTRALTO®-V system produced by DCNS is compatible with most of the existing anti-missile countermeasure launching systems, and as such provides the opportunity to have a dual anti-missile – anti-torpedo defence system on board.


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