Defeating the Global IED Threat Conference

19.10.2011 Security
Defeating the Global IED Threat Conference

Defeating the Global IED Threat Conference

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Bringing together the world’s leaders in Counter IED, Land EW and Security Technology Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) are a significant threat in conflict zones around the world.

These indiscriminate devices can be emplaced surreptitiously and used without warning, to devastating effect, especially against civilians and patrolling troops.

IEDs are terrifying for the population, they inhibit economic growth and in recent years they have become unprecedented in scale: they are now the single greatest cause of coalition fatalities in Afghanistan.

This 3 day conference, scheduled to take place in Abu Dhabi (UAE) from 12-14 December 2011, will focus on recent advances in technologies, techniques and procedures which can be used when: Preparing the Force, Attacking the Network, Defeating the Device.

Confirmed & invited speakers include:

  • Major (Ret’d) Chris Hunter QGM, Kratos Enterprises Ltd
  • Major Paul Crawley, Ministry of Defence, UK
  • Derick Ivany, Director Region VII, IABTI, USA
  • Sumaya Al Hajeri, Spectrum Management Specialist, Centre of Excellence, UAE  
  • Keith Weston, Visiting Fellow, University of Hull, UK
  • Simon Howse, Director of Security, Middle East & Africa, Marriott Hotels International, USA
  • Troy Phillips, Director of Business Development, EW Solutions LTD, UK
  • Lt Col Philippe Baker, Australia Defence Force, Australia
  • Andy Oppenheimer, CBRNE Consultant, UK
  • Richard Edwards, Business Development Manager, Electronic Warfare Division, L-3 TRL Technology, UK
  • Lt Col Lim Tong Hai, Commanding Officer, Singapore Bomb Disposal Unit, Singapore
  • Major (Ret’d) Chris Hunter, Independent CIED Consultant, UK  
  • Habib Boukharoubal, Chairman, Griffon Aerospace Middle East, UAE
  • Lt Col (Ret’d) Al Costley, Consultant, UK


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