Abu Dhabi Police to host Security Conference

08.09.2009 Security

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Abu Dhabi Police will organise a crucial conference entitled "The World Class Protection and Security for Public and Strategic Buildings Conference" from December 13 to 15 in the UAE capital.
The event, to be held at Emirates Palace, will focus on the future growth of the capital and the subsequent safety measures required to keep key buildings protected and safe from breaches of security.

The conference will see experts discuss concerns over natural disasters, acts of terrorism, indoor air quality, materials hazards, and fires, said the organisers.

The governments must work in partnership with their local police departments and adopt a multi-hazard approach towards building protection and security that accounts for the potential hazards and vulnerabilities, said a top Abu Dhabi police official.

The Gulf region is witnessing development of economies and infrastructure at a phenomenal rate. This is manifested by the amount of new buildings and ever-changing skylines appearing throughout the region.

There are growing populations with a workforce recruited from many different countries and cultures. There is an increasingly high profile on the region, with major events, investment, and tourism all on the increase. This development brings with it both challenges and opportunities for building security, he added.

The significance of the conference is directly reflected in the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council's '2030 Urban Structure Framework Plan,' which is projecting population growth of over 3 million people and tourism numbers over 7 million in 2030.

The need to meet the necessary infrastructure and building requirements will call for corresponding safety initiatives for public and strategic buildings on behalf of the Abu Dhabi Police.


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