Middle East’s largest security and safety event set for january 2010

31.08.2009 Security

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Notwithstanding the economic downturn, decline in liquidity and drop in oil prices, the Middle East still has one of the highest expenditures on defence and security, worldwide.

According to recent reports, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Iraq are retaining their buying strength and, together, these three countries are expected to spend $60 billion on defence in 2009.

“The world's escalating surveillance on all facets of security, whether it's related to terrorism, identity frauds or IT threats, has impelled a rise of interest from authorities and end users. Scheduled to open from 17-19 January 2010 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Intersec Trade Fair & Conference is gearing up to showcase the largest congregation of industry leaders and specialist suppliers ever seen in the Gulf region,” said Ms. Elisabeth Brehl, Managing Director of Epoc Messe Frankfurt GmbH, Organisers of Intersec.

Driven by the regional concerns and demographics, along with the growing need to safeguard borders and build disaster resilience, it has become extremely important for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to secure and protect not just sensitive businesses such as oil and gas, chemicals, process industries, banking and financial institutions, but to also be aware of the latest technologies to protect their commercial and public assets.

“Saudi Arabia is undoubtedly the largest defence spender in the Middle East. For 2009 the expenditure is estimated at just under $39 billion (AED 143.32 billion), the same is expected to increase over $45 billion (AED 165.38 billion) by 2013. The UAE will account for $7 billion (AED 25.73 billion) in defence expenditures for 2009, which is a significant amount given its size on the world map. The Middle East by far is one of the fastest growing defence and security markets in the world,” observed Ms. Brehl.

“Dealing with Disaster: Readiness, Response and Recovery” will be the key theme for the Intersec 2010 conference. Over the two days of the conference, 15 global and regional experts drawn from homeland & police, security, safety & health, and fire & rescue backgrounds will be sharing their expertise, including the lessons learnt from several disasters and major emergency events, whatever their cause.

The 12th edition of Intersec trade fair and conference in 2010 is projected to be the largest yet, with over 710 exhibitors from 50 countries and over 17,200 trade visitors from 96 countries.



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