Oman’s Military Technological College Receives 8th Batch

ONA20.07.2020 Oman
Oman’s Military Technological College Receives 8th Batch

Oman’s Military Technological College Receives 8th Batch

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The Military Technological College in the Sultanate of Oman received Friday at its headquarters students with a general education diploma for the academic year (2019/2020) (Admission Center), to conduct medical examinations and personal interviews for students of the eighth batch, in preparation for their enrollment in the college for the next academic year (2020/2021) in coordination with the Higher Education Admission Center (HEAC).

Group Captain Eng. Mohammed bin Aziz Al-Siyabi, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, said: “The Technological Military College is an important source of engineering human forces in the Ministry of Defense, the Sultan’s Armed Forces and other military and security units,” Oman News Agency (ONA) reported.

“It is among the best colleges that provide academic education and technological training as well as military training. The college provides engineering programs and university majors in a highly equipped and trained educational environment,” Captain Al-Siyabi added.

It is worth noting that the Military Technological College has taken all precautionary and health measures for the safety of students, staff, and employees of the participating committees. These measures are wearing masks and gloves, keeping safety distances and the necessary sanitization in all locations of the participating committees. 



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