Saudi King Visits Site of Crane Collapse in Makkah

Agence France Presse (AFP) Saudi Press Agency (SPA)14.09.2015 KSA
Saudi King Visits Site of Crane Collapse in Makkah

Saudi King Visits Site of Crane Collapse in Makkah

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Saudi Arabia’s King Salman arrived in Makkah on Saturday where he visited the victims of a deadly crane collapse in the Grand Mosque.

More than 100 people have been killed and scores more wounded in Makkah’s Grand Mosque after a crane collapsed on Friday, the Saudi Civil Defense authority said.

King Salman also visited the site of the incident and said that an investigation into the cause of the collapse is underway.

King Salman has offered his condolences to the families of victims and the injured in the Noor Hospital. He said investigations into what caused the collapse are underway and that findings will be revealed.

The official Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said King Salman “discussed the causes of the accident and its effects on the holy mosque” after he saw where the massive crane came down during a vicious thunderstorm on Friday.

It is believed the crane collapsed in the mosque as a result of high winds killing 107 people and wounding scores others, although an official explanation has not yet been made.

Meanwhile, Saudi officials have confirmed the Hajj pilgrimage, which starts next week, will proceed unaffected by the incident.

A committee decreed by the Emir of Makkah, Prince Khaled Al Faisal, is working on revealing the cause of the deadly collapse.



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