Saudi Arabia to Host Unmanned Vehicles & Systems 2016

28.07.2016 KSA

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Tangent Link is organizing Unmanned Vehicles & Systems 2016 (USV16) in the Saudi Capital Riyadh on 21-22 November 2016.

The increasing utility of unmanned systems across air, land, maritime and sub-sea applications has seen their employment in civil as well as military capacities grow rapidly over the last few years.

UVS16 will bring together the best minds to debate and understand how unmanned systems can be developed and operated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

The UVS 2016 conference agenda will reflect and anticipate the military and security conditions in both the current and future scenarios. Recent internal and external security issues have headlined the reason to develop an unmanned capability roadmap which includes both a national and joint security agenda amongst the GCC & North African nations.

The provisional conference program will cover the following topics:

  1. Geo-Political Issues
  2. Unmanned Air Systems
  3. Unmanned Maritime Systems
  4. Unmanned Ground Vehicles for Military applications
  5. Local R&D into Unmanned Systems
  6. Unmanned Practicalities

The Geopolitical Issues session will reflect the challenging internal and external security environment in which KSA finds itself in light of operations against Yemen, Syria and Iraq and how UVs can help to provide timely intelligence internally to prevent catastrophe. It also attempts to unravel the complexities of import and export regulations relating to such technologies.

The Unmanned Practicalities Session tackles the physical and operational requirements necessitated to control air, ground and maritime unmanned vehicles including Interoperability, Sense-and-Avoid, Human Factors and the Protection and Countering of UVs.

The Air, Ground & Maritime Sessions wrestle with the plethora of differing UVS technologies needed to suit the KSA security environment. Systems addressed will focus on tri-service military and security (police and internal security) and civil services particularly the Aerial Systems (UCAV, HALE, MALE, TUAV, VTOL, Micro and Nano systems) and their operational proficiency; Ground Systems (Bomb Disposal, CBRNE, Surveillance and Force Protection); and Maritime Systems for Above and Below Water.

Official Sponsors to-date include: Textron Systems (USA) and Leonardo (Italy)

Vision 2030, instigated by Deputy Crown Prince and Minister of Defense Prince Mohammad bin Salman al Saud, is transforming the way international defense and security companies do business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Introducing you to Saudi Arabia’s Vision for 2030:

  • Participate in the Kingdoms first B2B networking platform for the international unmanned systems community.
  • Connect with current and emerging Saudi Arabian defense enterprises for long-term partnerships and high rewards in the worlds’ 5th largest defense spending country.
  • Help develop the Kingdoms Unmanned Vehicles & Systems 2016 roadmap and highlight Regulatory Compliance, Best Practice & Technology Commercialization.


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