Jordanian King Attends Tactical Military Exercise

Petra Photo: Petra03.08.2022 Jordan
Jordanian King Attends Tactical Military Exercise

Jordanian King Attends Tactical Military Exercise

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His Majesty King Abdullah, the Supreme Commander of the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army (JAF), on Monday attended a tactical military exercise conducted by the Central Military Region in collaboration with the Eastern Military Region’s 90th King Abdullah I Mechanised Brigade, the 77th Marine Infantry Battalion, and the Combat Boats Group.

Upon arrival at the location of the drill, King Abdullah was received by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Major General Yousef Hneiti, the Central Military Region Commander, and a number of Senior Officers, Petra news agency reported.

His Majesty was briefed on the progress of various operational, logistical, and training matters, as well as on the objectives of the exercise, which aims to bolster the readiness, planning, and coordination capacities of various JAF formations and units.

The exercise, simulating area defence operations, utilised medium-range artillery, anti-tank weaponry, air support by fighter jets and choppers from the Royal Jordanian Air Force, and joint operations by the King Abdullah II Special Forces Group, and the Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Brigade/Quick Reaction Force.

As part of the exercise, the King also observed, via teleconference, a maritime defence drill carried out by the 77th Marine Infantry Battalion and the Combat Boats Group affiliated with the Royal Naval Force.

His Majesty commended the advanced skills, capabilities, and readiness displayed during the exercise, praising the professionalism and high morale of the participants. 



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