AM General Wins New Orders in Iraq, Tunisia, Lebanon

14.10.2015 Iraq
AM General Wins New Orders in Iraq, Tunisia, Lebanon

AM General Wins New Orders in Iraq, Tunisia, Lebanon

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AM General has been awarded new HMMWV contracts and modifications to existing domestic and international contracts for vehicles and parts for Iraq, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Israel, Turkey, Kenya, Lebanon and the United States totaling $42,165,170.

The recently announced contracts noted above cover items to include new production vehicles, international ambulance vehicles, automotive kits, spare parts and training.

There are approximately 230,000 HMMWVs currently in vehicle fleets around the world. Of those 230,000, approximately 160,000 HMMWV's are currently in service as part of U.S. Army, Marine Corps, Reserves and National Guard fleets with the remaining 70,000 vehicles belonging to international fleets.

“AM General continues to grow our backlog of new production HMMWVs while developing comprehensive modernization and maintenance programs for domestic and international customers,” said Chris Vanslager, Executive Vice President, Defense Programs.

“The HMMWV continues to be the vehicle of choice around the globe for more than 60 partner nations, evolving over the years with significantly increased mobility, protection, reliability and durability in order to meet changing military missions and threats …all at an affordable price,” he added.

AM General was also recently awarded $428,295,155 for new M997A3 HMMWV Ambulance Chassis Vehicles to support domestic disaster relief efforts by the Army National Guard, Army Reserve, and Army.  These contract awards demonstrate the ongoing critical operational need for the HMMWV and that AM General remains the unmatched leader in modernizing and maintaining the light tactical fleet for the United States and around the world.

AM General designs, engineers, manufactures, supplies and supports specialized vehicles for military and commercial customers worldwide. Through its military business, the company is widely recognized as the world leader in design, engineer, manufacture and support of Light Tactical Vehicles, having produced and sustained more than 300,000 vehicles in over 60 countries. 



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