The 6th Iraq Aviation & Defense Summit

08.02.2012 Iraq
The 6th Iraq Aviation & Defense Summit

The 6th Iraq Aviation & Defense Summit

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The 6th Iraq Aviation and Defense Summit (IADS) will take place on 1-2 March 2012 in Washington, D.C.

The 6th IADS provide attendees and exhibitors the opportunity to network with senior ranking Military Officers from Iraq’s Ministry of Defense, Iraqi law enforcement agencies and government decision makers.

Confirmed Speakers at this Summit include:

  • General Anwar Ahmed, Iraqi Air Force Commander, Ministry of Defense.
  • General Dhia Said, Director General, Armament & Supplies Directorate, Iraqi Ministry of Defense.
  • General Kareem Saloom, Secretary General, Supplies & Finance Directorate, Ministry of Defense.
  • General Shwan Ali, Director General, Air Force Supplies Directorate, Ministry of Defense.
  • Brigadier Pilot Wameed Mahmood, Director General, Air Force Planning Directorate, Ministry of Defense.
  • Brigadier Pilot Sahee Serhan, Director General, Air Force Training Directorate, Ministry of Defense.
  • Colonel Engineer Ahmed Abbas, Air Force Engineering Directorate, Ministry of Defense.
  • Mr. Basheer Maaliyo, Armament & Supplies Directorate, Ministry of Defense.
  • Major General (Ret) Faisal Ghadban, Former Iraqi Air Force Chief of Staff, Ministry of Defense.
  • Dr. Mowaffak al Rubaie, National Security Advisor, Government of Iraq
  • Dr. Amer Al-Khuzaie, Minister of National Reconciliation, Iraqi Government.
  • General Babakir Zebari, Chief of Staff, Iraqi Joint Forces.
  • Lt. General Hamid Al-Maliki, Iraqi Army’s Aviation Commander, Iraqi Joint Forces.
  • General Nasir A. Abadi, Former Deputy Chief of Staff, Iraqi Joint Forces.
  • Mr. Zuhair Garbawi, Director, Iraqi National Intelligence System.
  • Engineer Hassan Abbass, Deputy General Manager of Technical Affairs, Iraqi National Intelligence Service.
  • Mr. Naser Sabti, Chief Senior Air Traffic Controller, Baghdad International Airport.
  • Mr. Mohammed Alwarde, Manager, Office of the Vice President of Iraq.
  • Dean Khadar Mohammed Saeed, Brigade’s Commander, Second President of the Republic.
  • Mr. Shwan Taha, Iraqi Parliament Member, Security and Defense Committee.


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