Egypt’s Commander-in-Chief Witnesses General Command’s Combat Readiness

23.04.2024 Egypt
Egypt’s Commander-in-Chief Witnesses General Command’s Combat Readiness

Egypt’s Commander-in-Chief Witnesses General Command’s Combat Readiness

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Coinciding with Egypt and the Armed Forces celebrations of the forty-second anniversary of the Sinai Liberation, General Mohamed Zaki, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Minister of Defense and Military Production, witnessed pre-combat inspection procedures and combat readiness and technical efficiency for artillery units of the General Command, which have been integrated into the tactical formations and administration of artillery after their development according to the latest combat systems.

This was in the presence of Lieutenant General Osama Askar, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, and the leaders of the main services, along with a number of senior military leaders, the Egyptian Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

The procedures began with presentations on the combat efficiency reports of the units and their development to support their capabilities in executing all combat tasks under various conditions.

Major General Abdel Moa’ty Abdel Aziz Alam, Commander of the Central Military Zone, delivered a speech emphasizing the continuous support provided by the General Command of the Armed Forces and its follow-up of all activities and tasks carried out by all units and formations within the area of responsibility of the Central Region, aiming for the highest levels of readiness and combat preparedness to defend the security and stability of the nation.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces watched a documentary presentation highlighting the evolution of the artillery and the development and modernization witnessed by its various units, considering it the primary firepower in modern joint operations, providing fire support for forces executing tasks during operations.

The Commander-in-Chief inspected the deployed forces and assessed the technical and combat readiness of all elements, discussing with the participating leaders and officers their execution methods of assigned tasks, commending their serious readiness and high morale, as well as the equipment. The Commander-in-Chief also inspected several developed systems provided as part of the strategic development and modernization strategy implemented by the Armed Forces in all branches and specialties.

General Mohamed Zaki delivered a speech conveying the greetings and appreciation of the President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, to the deployed elements, expressing his pride in their dedication and sincere efforts to protect the nation and preserve the resources and sanctities of the Egyptian people.

The Commander-in-Chief emphasized that the Armed Forces have witnessed successive leaps in developing training and armament systems in all main services, formations, and units to support their combat capabilities according to precise scientific basis, enabling them to confront challenges that may target Egypt’s national security on all strategic directions.

The Commander-in-Chief highlighted the historical role of artillery personnel, which have recorded the most magnificent feats of heroism and sacrifice in the history of the Egyptian Military, urging them to continue focusing on combat training under various conditions to keep artillery as the primary firepower operating within the combat efficiency system of the Armed Forces. (Source & Photo © Egyptian Ministry of Defense)




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