Bahrain Defence Force Holds 4th Manama Air Power Symposium (MAPS 2022)

BNA Photo: BNA09.11.2022 Bahrain
Bahrain Defence Force Holds 4th Manama Air Power Symposium (MAPS 2022)

Bahrain Defence Force Holds 4th Manama Air Power Symposium (MAPS 2022)

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Bahrain Defence Force (BDF), represented by the Royal Bahrain Air Force (RBAF), held the 4th Manama Air Power Symposium (MAPS 2022), in conjunction with Bahrain International Airshow (BIAS 2022).

Commanders of Air Forces and senior experts from across the region and the world took part in the event, held Tuesday at the Sofitel Hotel in Zallaq, to discuss the latest issues in the aviation sector, Bahrain News Agency (BNA) reported.

RBAF Commander, Air Vice-Marshal Shaikh Hamad bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, conveyed to the participants in his welcome speech the greetings and best wishes of BDF Commander-in-Chief, Field Marshal Shaikh Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa.

He added that the wide and rapid spread of self-operating suicide weapons in our current world and the use of hybrid warfare through cyber attacks that affected government, economic and health institutions in some countries, in addition to the emergence of hypersonic weapons technology capable of evading the current air defence systems have become a clear threat to international security and stability, especially if these weapons fall into the hands of terrorist groups through some countries.

The RBAF Commander explained that this development is nothing but steps towards future wars that our countries may face, and that integrating these technologies into armed conflicts will put pressure on political and military decision-makers in various countries. He added that this will lead to changing the equation in the strategy of military deterrence. He noted that explaining that in order to maintain security, stability and prosperity, all peace-seeking countries shall prevent the spread of nuclear and unconventional weapons or developing them. 



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