Algerian Chief of Staff Chairs 16th Session of Orientation Council of High War College

30.04.2023 Algeria
Algerian Chief of Staff Chairs 16th Session of Orientation Council of High War College

Algerian Chief of Staff Chairs 16th Session of Orientation Council of High War College

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In accordance with the provisions of the presidential decree of 26th September 2005, establishing the High War College, General Saïd Chanegriha, Chief of Staff of People’s National Army, chaired the work of the 16th session of the Orientation Council of this prestigious School.

After the welcoming ceremony, at the entrance to the High War College, the General accompanied by the Commander of the 1st Military Region and the Commander of the High War College, observed a moment of silence in memory of the late President Ali Kafi whose headquarters of the School is baptized in his name, and laid a wreath of flowers in front of the commemorative stele, before reciting the Fatiha in his memory, the Algerian Ministry of Defence said in a statement.

At the beginning of the meeting, the General delivered a speech, through which he underlined that the modern wars of today are completely different from previous wars, which led People’s National Army to pay particular attention to two vital aspects, namely the provision of modern equipment and the training of qualified human resources.

“Modern wars, especially those we have been witnessing in recent years, are entirely different from previous wars in terms of means, methods, reasoning and planning. Indeed, we are witnessing wars that evolve at breakneck speed, making those who cannot keep up with them, or adapt to them in terms of reasoning, planning and combative virtuosity, easy prey for enemies and within reach of their attacks and plots. Evidenced by the many examples experienced around the world,” General Chanegriha said.

“Based on this premise, we have been and remain firmly convinced that the effort made in the field of the acquisition of different types of armaments and modern equipment at the cutting edge of technology cannot achieve its purpose unless it is placed in qualified hands, able to exploit its technical and technological capabilities,” he continued.

“With this in mind, our efforts have been made in recent years to constantly pay the necessary attention to these two interdependent components, and to always ensure that military personnel give this aspect the importance it deserves,” he added.

General Chanegriha urged, in this wake, the executives of the High War College to encourage officers trainees to constantly enrich their knowledge capital, both through reading and through the development of their experiences gained in the field.

“The attention that I urge you to pay, particularly as executives of the High War College, is to ensure that officers trainees are not content only with the scheduled educational and training programs, but also have the firm desire to enrich their capital of specialized and general knowledge, both through reading and through the valorisation of experiences acquired in the field.”

“Indeed, the real school is that of professional life, which will instill in senior military personnel the qualities of intelligence and perspicacity, when handling weapons, material and the various types of equipment made available, in particular those recently engaged in the battle corps, so as to be able to adapt quickly and effectively to new situations,” he noted.

General Chanegriha insisted on the importance of willpower, perseverance for success, and the strength to be convinced of victory among future PNA executives.

“However, success cannot be achieved without strong will and determination. As such, the will is not only to aim for victory, but also to have the absolute conviction of being able to win.

This is the professional and patriotic sense for which I fight relentlessly, so that the minds and hearts of all personnel of PNA may be imbued with it, and with which our Army will successfully carry out its constitutional missions and with which the Algerian people will be reassured about their present and their future, whatever the challenges to be met or the magnitude of the stakes to be won,” he concluded.

At the end, the General followed an elaborate presentation by the Commander of the School, relating to the assessment of the objectives achieved since the previous session of the orientation council, as well as the provisional plan for the next year 2023-2024, before discussing with the members of the council on the items on the agenda of the meeting. (Photo © Algerian Ministry of Defence)



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