Selex Galileo: New MIRACH 100/X

16.12.2010 Products
Selex Galileo: New MIRACH 100/X

Selex Galileo: New MIRACH 100/X

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Selex Galileo revealed the existence of a new version of its successful MIRACH 100 family of air targets/drones. The announcement came at the end of a flight test campaign carried out on last October, followed by a full results analysis.
Compared to the previous MIRACH 100/5, the MIRACH 100/X features a much more streamlined external design of its forward section, an airframe largely including composite materials instead of aluminum, and a Williams International WJ38-7T cruise engine (derived from  the Tactical Tomahawk powerplant) with a doublet thrust compared to the previous Microturbo unit it replaces.

In addition to the new avionics suite including a significantly more advanced CPU, providing for a great growth potential (currently the MIRACH 100/X operation uses 15% of the CPU capability, against 70% of the previous CPU capability used by the MIRACH 100/5), all these features provide the Italian air target new capabilities and performances: the speed becomes transonic, the RCS is reduced, and the vehicle can sustain high-g accelerations along the three axis at low altitudes. So the MIRACH 100/X is able to simulate the new families of threats as highly maneuverable sea-skimming anti-ship missiles, allowing to develop and test new air defense systems.


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