HENSOLDT Offers Tailor-Made Coastal Surveillance Solutions

09.04.2021 North America
HENSOLDT Offers Tailor-Made Coastal Surveillance Solutions

HENSOLDT Offers Tailor-Made Coastal Surveillance Solutions

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HENSOLDT is a leading supplier of radar technology to major integrators and end users for Coastal Surveillance systems. Its offering can also be incorporated within the wider HENSOLDT portfolio for a complete system or tailored for customers’ individual needs through their chosen integrator.

The Coastal Surveillance offering from the HENSOLDT group consists of a full radar, optronic and software solution, where integrators can either select elements of our offering, or the whole solution, which can be dependent on their requirements. HENSOLDT is able to offer tailor-made solutions for customer specific requirements, which are optimized for the application at hand.

The Kelvin Hughes Shore Based Sensors (SBS) range from HENSOLDT UK has been contributing to the protection of the world’s coastlines since 2010. The SBS radar range, is specifically developed to meet the stringent operational requirements of port, harbor and river traffic operators as well as government agencies responsible for the protection of the coastal and littoral zones.

The SBS radar systems are able to detect even the smallest of targets such as small wooden boats and RHIBs, which maybe operating illegally including trafficking and facilitating entry into a country through remote unprotected shorelines, in heavy clutter. Our SBS family is capable of detecting uncooperative low Radar Cross Section (RCS) targets, through our renowned SharpEye technology. Variants of SharpEye radars are also used by a number of Middle East customers for vessel traffic management, offshore security, shipboard applications and vital counter-drone applications across the region.

The SBS-800 family is configured to provide an upmast system with ultra-high reliability. The superior performance and reliability is achieved with the use of solid-state electronics and patented technology in the SharpEye transceiver. Four product configurations provide the system integrator with a standardized, cost-effective radar sensor solution, meeting the requirements defined in IALA Guidelines. The SBS-800 allows easy integration into custom solutions.

The SBS-900 family is configured to provide a mast mounted environmentally sealed enclosure. The system is designed to provide a complete radar sensor package to system integrators that also meet the requirements defined in IALA Guidelines. Our SBS-900 provides flexibility to meet various customer requirements, especially where specific antenna types are required. Working closely with the system integrators, our dedicated system engineers provide a solution that best meets the customer’s needs.

Over the last decade, Nexeya, a HENSOLDT Company, has provided maritime nations with a complete suite of mission management and communication systems intended for maritime surveillance and implementation of State action at sea.

VIGILANTE® (photo) has been developed to cover maritime surveillance applications from littoral to offshore assets. By design, this maritime C2 can be used to protect Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) from increasing threats as well as Oil and Gas assets, fight against illegal trafficking, unreported and unregulated fishing.

Relying on a federated architecture, VIGILANTE® first connects all together a variety of sensors such as the high-performance radars of HENSOLDT UK (formerly Kelvin Hughes), HENSOLDT electro-optics (EO/IR), AIS stations and other detectors, then fuses in real-time the very high volume of data collected from sensors leading to several hundreds of tracks to finally displays the common situational picture.

This capability enables the VIGILANTE® C2 system to provide a powerful maritime solution integrating all-in-one Maritime Operation Center, chain of sensors-equipped semaphores and patrol boats.

At the sea, patrol vessels equipped with VIGILANTE® on the one hand benefit of the common maritime picture and on the other hand use the onboard sensors to extend the range of detection and share it in turn. Moreover, like for the chain of semaphores, each radar is combined with in-house radar processing extractor in order to achieve outstanding detection of small targets up to 30 km away. To complete the surveillance device, VIGILANTE® also comes with a light amphibious unmanned aerial platform (UAV) to conduct Vessels Inspection operations in a completely autonomous flight control.

Thanks to the proprietary Link P (Tactical Data Link), the Maritime Operation Center, patrollers and semaphores are interconnected in a private secured network to share the common maritime situation and exchange messages Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS).

Onshore, the Maritime Operation Center (MOC) hosts the core of the C2 system providing a comprehensive regional situational understanding. A typical Vigilante MOC consists in one Multi Touch Table (MT2), some workstations, a wall screen and a server. Besides the benefits of quick interactions with the touch screen display, the MT2 definitively accelerates situational assessment and decision process thanks to data centralization bringing operators with an extremely efficient collaborative tool. Thus, relevant means and resources can be intuitively coordinated and allocated and reactivity notably increased.

In terms of features, the solution integrates surveillance functions, such as automated and personalized alerts based on suspicious vessels behavior detection, predictions, smart decision aids, anti-collision nautical function, multi-site coordination etc.

Because of its versatility, the VIGILANTE® C2 system fits with standardized projects like much customized ones and ensures full interoperability within the surveillance network among onshore and offshore assets. Typically, VIGILANTE® applications range from very hot spots like in Libya to protect Oil & Gas platforms, to Coast Guards missions of State actions at sea like in Philippines.



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