Boeing Upgrades All U.S. Air Force F-22 Simulators

07.10.2015 North America
Boeing Upgrades All U.S. Air Force F-22 Simulators

Boeing Upgrades All U.S. Air Force F-22 Simulators

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Boeing has completed its upgrade of all U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptor Mission Training Centers with its high-fidelity Constant Resolution Visual System (CRVS). The system trains pilots in a more realistic visual environment than current simulators and allows them to experience extreme maneuvers that typically are only practiced in a simulator.

The final CRVS installations were recently done by Boeing and the Air Force at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida. Simulators at Hawaii’s Hickam Air Force Base, Alaska’s Elmendorf Air Force Base and Virginia’s Langley Air Force Base, also have the system.

“The final installation of the Boeing Constant Resolution Visual System improves the realism of ground-based training and increases mission readiness for pilots This is paramount for Tyndall's mission of training and projecting unrivaled combat airpower,” said Lt. Col. Matthew Zamiska, 325th Training Support Squadron Commander.

Boeing’s patented CRVS display is the centerpiece of the training suite and provides high-resolution imagery for pilots with nearly 20/20 acuity in an immersive, 360-degree visual environment. By using off-the-shelf projectors, the system takes advantage of the rapidly emerging commercial technology.

“With innovative thinking, backed by a roadmap for advancing the technology in years ahead, the CRVS is anticipating the future needs of customers,” said Tim Noonan, Boeing’s vice president of Training Systems and Government Services. “We’re providing the customer with a tool that makes them mission ready and also gives them an edge in the sky because of the way pilots can train in this system.”

CRVS, first delivered in 2010, is found in a variety of other aircraft simulators, including the F-15 Eagle, AH-64 Apache, M-346 Master, BAE Hawk and F-16 Fighting Falcon.

“Boeing’s CRVS is unique in that, unlike any other visual system, it provides the warfighter with constant target visibility throughout the entire field of vision. The CRVS is a great benefit to the customer top-down, because it provides highly effective training at a low cost,” said Scott Whitaker, Boeing’s Display Team Manager.

A member of the F-22 Raptor team with Lockheed Martin and Pratt &Whitney, Boeing develops, integrates and delivers F-22 aircrew and maintenance training systems to the Air Force, along with logistics and sustainment services.

A unit of The Boeing Company, Defense, Space & Security is one of the world's largest defense, space and security businesses specializing in innovative and capabilities-driven customer solutions, and the world’s largest and most versatile manufacturer of military aircraft. Headquartered in St. Louis, Defense, Space & Security is a $31 billion business with 53,000 employees worldwide.



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