INVISIO's New Record Order from U.S. Army

14.10.2013 North America


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INVISIO (IVSO) now discloses additional information regarding the new record order of SEK 40 m received on October 2, 2013, together with its American partner TEA Headsets. The order regards complete communication and hearing protection systems from INVISIO.

The customer is the specific military program TCAPS, Tactical Communication and Protective System, which is managed by the organization PEO Soldier within the U.S. Army. The purpose of TCAPS is to provide hearing protection and auditory situational awareness devices to soldiers, to increase hearing readiness and reduce hearing damage in high noise and extreme conditions. Within TCAPS, extensive testing and evaluation of communications and hearing protection solutions has been conducted and the INVISIO solution is now approved for use.

Noise-induced hearing loss, which is often both permanent and preventable, can directly affect a soldier’s ability to perform the mission. According to the Government Accountability Office, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has reported that tinnitus and hearing loss are two of the most common service-connected disabilities. They represent a significant portion of the annual cost for service-connected disability compensation. Approximately $1.1 billion in disability compensation was paid for these two conditions in fiscal year 2009, and the number continues to rise, as soldiers and civilians to a large extent still support noise-hazardous operations unprotected.

With the INVISIO solution, the users get an advanced system that provides crystal-clear communication in the most extreme conditions. The system protects the users against harmful noises, while maintaining normal hearing during use.

The Tactical Communication and Protective System (TCAPS) is a specific application program within PEO Soldier and the Project Management Office Soldier Warrior. It fields concurrent hearing protection and auditory situational awareness devices to Soldiers to increase hearing readiness and reduce hearing damage/subsequent post-service hearing disabilities resulting from high noise exposure for combat Soldiers.

TCAPS provides concurrent hearing protection and auditory situational awareness. Historically, Soldiers have had to choose between hearing protection and force protection. As a combat force multiplier, TCAPS maintains hearing protection while enabling Soldier to use existing tactical radio resulting in increased mission effectiveness, safety, and survivability.

The U.S. Army's Program Executive Office (PEO) Soldier is a program that for the past decade has provided its Soldiers with capabilities to ensure they remain decisive and dominant throughout the full spectrum of military operations. PEO Soldier is making a deliberate effort to integrate technologies for the Soldier as a System, and to provide system solutions that provide the greatest capabilities for them. The mission is to develop, acquire, field and sustain affordable integrated state of the art equipment to improve Soldier dominance in Army operations today and in the future, with the Soldier as both its strength and purpose.
PEO Soldier provides its Soldiers with the finest equipment and protection available as quickly as possible. They invest in their Soldiers to give them the decisive edge while also being good stewards of taxpayer funding. PEO Soldier manages more than 450 products and programs that are a manifestation of that dedication. There are four Project Management (PM) Offices, dedicated to providing the very best equipment: PM Soldier Protection and individual Equipment, PM Soldier Sensors and Lasers, PM Soldier Warrior (which includes TCAPS) and PM Soldier Weapons.


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