Meggitt’s Vector Scoring System for Boeing’s QF16

04.03.2011 North America
Meggitt’s Vector Scoring System for Boeing’s QF16

Meggitt’s Vector Scoring System for Boeing’s QF16

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Meggitt PLC, the international aerospace, defence and energy group, announced its wholly-owned subsidiary Meggitt Defense Systems Inc

, has been awarded a contract to integrate and produce the vector scoring system for Boeing's QF-16 aircraft - former F16 fighters fitted with equipment for remote-controlled flight and used as aerial targets and decoys for testing against air-air missiles, radars and surface-air missiles. The contract covers development, ground test and flight test. Initial deliveries are targeted for summer 2011.

The vector scoring system design is based on the highly successful QF-4 VDOPS vector scoring predecessor, which has been in production for over ten years. The non-cooperative, on-target, aerial scoring radar system provides three-dimensional trajectory information on intercept vehicles in conjunction with a ground station, scoring intercept scenarios by providing scalar and vector data to the user for weapon systems and training evaluation.


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