FFG Unveils New Protected Vehicle

09.02.2012 Europe
FFG Unveils New Protected Vehicle

FFG Unveils New Protected Vehicle

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German Company FFG Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft mbH has presented its new armoured multi mission vehicle, currently named under the working title “G5”.

The G5 is a tracked 25 tons vehicle, featuring an unrivalled combination of outstanding protection, high performance, huge payload and an inner volume, setting new standards in military markets.

Designed for missions worldwide, FFG laid a special focus on the comprehensive multi role capability: The G5 consists of a standardised basic vehicle and different mission modules to be adapted to the vehicle according to each individual mission.

These modules can be exchanged very easily, thus giving the customer an enormous flexibility in the deployment of the G5 while reducing costs to an absolute minimum.


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