MBDA to launch SIMBAD-RC at Singapore air show

02.02.2010 Europe

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The international launch of SIMBAD-RC, the latest addition to MBDA’s range of naval air defence systems, will take place at the Singapore Air Show (2nd– 7th February 2010). SIMBAD-RC is a remote-controlled, short-range anti-air self defence system providing a highly effective capability against a comprehensive range of threats from combat aircraft and anti-ship missiles to small surface threats such as FIACs.
SIMBAD-RC has been developed to meet the latest requirements of navies operating in either littoral or blue waters and is highly suited for ships with low crew numbers and for modern ship design requirements, particularly those relating to stealth and very fast craft concepts. The remotely controlled SIMBAD-RC twin launcher, deploying two Mistral 2 fire-and-forget missiles can provide the primary self defence capability on all classes of warship such as Fast Patrol Boats and large support ships for example or, alternatively, it can complement the main air defences of first rank warships such as frigates and destroyers. A single operator, working from a compact terminal located within the ship, can control two SIMBAD-RC launcher systems. With the operator not being exposed to the elements, this latest system from MBDA offers high availability in all weather and sea conditions.

The basic SIMBAD-RC configuration comprises one or two lightweight, gyro-stabilised turrets equipped with a thermal camera and an optional large field of view day camera. In addition, the system includes a dedicated compact terminal (SMU-RC) which can manage up to two turrets, interfaced with the ship’s Combat System or surveillance sensors. A range of turret/SMU-RC configurations are possible depending on ship size and crew requirements (e.g. one turret plus one SMU-RC, two turrets plus one SMU-RC, etc.).

With fast and easy loading, SIMBAD-RC features rapid reaction times in the face of complex and multiple attacks. The fire-and-forget missiles allow for rapid re-engagement after launch and the time delay between missile preparation and firing is less than five seconds. In addition the turret can be slaved from the ship’s radar or EOS (Electrical Optical System).

SIMBAD-RC is an improvement on the original SIMBAD system currently in service with the French Navy among others. Thanks to the same on-deck footprint and mechanical interfaces, legacy SIMBAD firing units can be easily upgraded to SIMBAD-RC.

With its advanced passive infrared seeker, Mistral 2 has been designed to defend against saturating attack from rapidly crossing or manoeuvring missiles or aircraft. It has also proven its effectiveness in countering attacks by small craft such as FIACs. Incorporated in various naval and land based launch variants, the Mistral missile has been ordered by around 30 countries. Its operational test record shows a success rate of well over 90%.


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