Rheinmetall to create simulation and test environment for the Bundeswehr

23.07.2009 Europe

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Up to 28 sites to be networked into a “system of systems”

The Federal Agency for Information Management and Information Technology of the German Armed Forces (IT-AmtBw) has contracted with Rheinmetall Defence to create a simulation and test environment for the Bundeswehr, known as the SuTBw. Rheinmetall, acting as general contractor, and its partner IABG, won the multi-million euro order in the face of stiff competition.

Rheinmetall Defence is to supply the necessary IT infrastructure, hardware and software for linking simulated and real-world combat systems at 27 locations in Germany and one in the United States. If necessary, these sites can be connected via a data link in order to carry out experiments. What makes the SuTBw so valuable is the way it links various simulation systems and simulators, each with their own highly specialized, individual capabilities, into high-performance simulation system networks, enabling the Bundeswehr to conduct complex exercises involving ground, air and naval assets, thus creating an overarching system of systems. Furthermore, it is also possible to incorporate foreign combat and C4I systems into the SuTBw’s advanced IT infrastructure.


The development and design of new functions likewise forms an essential component of this contract. This shows that Rheinmetall Defence, a world leader in the field of military and civil simulation technology, is particularly well equipped to take on future tasks in the field of modelling and simulation.



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