Jordanian Army Chief Attends Demo on Border Security Surveillance

File Photo: Hi-Tech Anduril Tower at the US-Mexican Border © Anduril Industries Petra16.11.2022 Security
Jordanian Army Chief Attends Demo on Border Security Surveillance

Jordanian Army Chief Attends Demo on Border Security Surveillance

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Chairman of the Jordanian Joint Chiefs of Staff Major General Yousef Huneiti on Monday checked on an experiment for border security surveillance using an integrated system of day and night cameras, radars and drones.

The experiment was conducted in cooperation with Anduril Industries, a US defense product company that builds technology for military agencies and border surveillance, Petra news agency reported.

This experiment is part of the ongoing efforts of the General Command of the Jordan Armed Forces (JAF) to enhance the capabilities of the Kingdom’s northern and eastern border protection systems.

In his visit to the King Abdullah II Airbase, a unit of the Royal Air Force Command, Huneiti was briefed by Director of Border Security, Brigadier General Ahmed Khleifat, on the drills and exercises carried out by the armed forces to deal with difficult weather conditions (fog and dust) for a number of modern defense systems that use advanced systems, including cameras, radars and drones to increase the ability to monitor and detect ground targets, vehicles, people, drones and electronic interference systems.

Khleifat said that systems currently being tested provide deterrence capabilities to the growing threat resulting from the use of drones for reconnaissance and smuggling purposes, in addition to providing radar detection to drones threats in border areas.

He added that these drills are part of efforts of specialized teams of the General Command's directorates, and through function scenarios to assess the capabilities that simulate work procedures and the threat in border areas. In addition, various test procedures are being implemented for the capabilities of detecting drones and using advanced technology to confront and neutralize them.

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