Dubai to Scan Inbound Travelers

Al Khaleej Times06.09.2012 Security
Dubai to Scan Inbound Travelers

Dubai to Scan Inbound Travelers

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The Dubai government will initiate a new system in cooperation with airlines by the end of next year to stop blacklisted persons at their boarding points before they travel to Dubai.

A database system will be in place, which will store information related to inbound travelers, and the authorities will give permission to the right persons before they board a plane to Dubai at their home port.

Colonel Khaled Naser Al Razouqi, Assistant Director-General of the e-Services Sector at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, Dubai, said that the system will help reject entry to people who had previously committed a violation in the country or those who do not obtain an entry visa. The system will not allow a person to embark a Dubai-bound plane if he or she has already been blacklisted.

Al Razouqi said that the system will let Officers of the Directorate to know the names and details of travelers who plan to head for Dubai by air, thanks to a link with airline companies and travel operators who will send data about their passengers to the directorate.

The Directorate will consequently verify the names and contact the airlines or travel operators to provide them with the names of prospective travelers prohibited from entering the country. Such persons will not be allowed to get on board the plane.

Al Razouqi stated that Terminal 3 of the Dubai International Airport has now installed smart e-gates. All other currently operating e-gates will be replaced with the smart ones over the coming year, taking the number of the new e-gates to 100.

"The new electronic gate is characterized with so many security features. Most importantly, it automatically scans a traveler's passport quicker. It does not require the traveler to preregister with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs as in the Emirates e-gate cards," Al Razouqi told Khaleej Times.

The smart e-gates consist of some developed technical devices which can read a traveler's passport automatically, and can scan the face and eye over a high-definition camera and instantly compare the scan result with the passport.

The new system can store the whole information of its users and could verify names of blacklisted travelers or those being wanted by the authorities. The entire operation takes just 12 seconds, he said.

Any traveler over 18 years of age can pass through the smart e-gate provided that he or she has an electronic passport, a machine-readable passport or an Emirates ID card.

He pointed out that seaports will also be furnished with smart e-gates, enabling those travelling on ships to use these services to lessen pressure on passport officers.


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