Iran Equips its Helicopters with Night Vision Systems

FNA10.08.2015 MENA
Iran Equips its Helicopters with Night Vision Systems

Iran Equips its Helicopters with Night Vision Systems

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Iranian Ground Force Commander Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan announced that the country has equipped its helicopters with night vision systems, and added that a new home-made helicopter named 'Homa' will be unveiled soon, Fars News Agency (FNA) reported.

“Optimization of helicopters is carried out by the Islamic Republic of Iran Army's Air Borne force and the Ground Force engineers have the same capability and today our helicopters have been equipped with the night vision capability and many of other helicopters like Cobra have also been equipped with weapon systems,” Pourdastan said.

He added that a new home-made helicopter named Homa will be unveiled by the end of the Iranian calendar year (started on March 21).

In relevant remarks in February, Managing-Director of Iran's Helicopter Renovation and Logistics Company (PANHA) General Mohammad Ali Ahmadabadi announced that the country's latest home-made helicopter, “Homa”, is having its final flight tests.

“The helicopter has been built as a result of the efforts of PANHA company and is a 14-seater chopper. Homa has had its test flight and is now in the final test stage,” Ahmadabadi noted.

Ahmadabadi had announced in January that the PANHA experts would build another fully home-made helicopter in the coming months.

“The production of Iran's home-made helicopter will be 100 percent complete by the end of September 2015,” he said in January.

Also on November 18, Iran unveiled a new home-made helicopter named 'Sorena' in the 7th International Air and Aviation Industries exhibition underway on Kish Island in the Persian Gulf.

The helicopter was unveiled in a ceremony in the presence of Iranian Vice-President for Science and Technology Soerna Sattari and Managing-Director of the Iranian Aviation Industries Organization (IAIO) Manouchehr Manteqi.

“Sorena is a 4-seater helicopter with 300 HP power,” General Ahmadabadi said.

Noting that the helicopter has a flight speed of 160km and enjoys dual guiding system, he said that the helicopter is used for patrolling and training missions.

In relevant remarks in February 2014, Ahmadabadi underlined that the country was the third biggest helicopter power in the world, but said Iran was seeking even more progress in this field.

Source: FNA


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