Iran Co-Producing Drones With Russia

File Photo:FNA FNA01.08.2017 Iran
Iran Co-Producing Drones With Russia

Iran Co-Producing Drones With Russia

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Chairman of the Iran Aviation Industry Organization Amir Karim Bani Tarafi announced that Tehran is cooperating with Moscow in building different types of drones and their exports to Russia.

“Russia has always been after cooperation with Iran in the field of drones and we have started a number of joint projects with the Russians in this field, including cooperation in designing and exports of certain drones, which can be exported to Russia,” Bani Tarafi told Fars News Agency (FNA).

He underlined that Iran and Russia will use each others’ technologies to produce drones.

Bani Tarafi earlier announced that Tehran and Moscow are due to sign a contract for the joint designing and production of helicopters.

“We are working with the Russians on joint designing and production of helicopters; we have not yet started the phase of implementation for the joint designing, but the grounds have been paved and its contract is being finalized and will be inked soon,” he said.

Meanwhile, Iran has finalized and inked a contract with Russia's helicopter union as the two countries are cooperating in area of joint overhaul of aircraft.



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