NSC to Train Kuwaiti Armed Forces Commanders

17.06.2013 Kuwait
NSC to Train Kuwaiti Armed Forces Commanders

NSC to Train Kuwaiti Armed Forces Commanders

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NSC, a leading UK-based cutting-edge simulation and analysis-driven training specialist, has been awarded a three-year contract to help hone the skills of senior Commanders in Kuwait’s Armed Forces.

Building on a 17-year working relationship, the British wargaming expert will continue to assist Kuwait in developing its military leaders of the future through the provision of computer-assisted decision-making exercises at the Mubarak Al Abdullah Joint Command and Staff College, said a statement from the company.

NSC, which has supported training programmes at the highly-respected facility since it was set-up in 1996, will utilise its innovative technologies to train officers from the region’s Armed Forces and other agencies for a wide range of operationally-relevant scenarios, it stated.

In addition to allowing Kuwait’s military to simulate the defence of its borders and critical national infrastructure, the arrangement will see NSC’s experienced team working closely with directing staff at the college to devise bespoke exercises that reflect the ever-changing nature of peacekeeping and peace enforcement.

Responsible for the development and introduction of computer-based services to the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, the company has a rich heritage of preparing commanders for the rigours of operations, the statement said.

NSC’s Joint Operations Command and Staff Training System (Jocasts) - the training and analysis solution deployed at the College - is also routinely used by British Armed Forces to expose commanders and headquarters staff to the challenges of modern deployments.

Delivering a mix of virtual incidents and live feeds, Jocasts can be customised to feature specific threats and actions and provides realistic strategic training for staff officers in the conduct of joint and combined operations within complex environments, said the NSC statement.

However, NSC’s hitech training solutions are not only used to sharpen the skills of those in command, said a senior official.

Over the past 22 years, the company has designed, developed and deployed simulation systems for a host of international clients and its programmes can be used to support the professional development of everyone from Junior Soldiers to Generals, remarked Jeremy Spurr, Managing Director of NSC.

“We are very proud of our long-standing association with the Kuwait Armed Forces and have first-hand experience of their determination to develop highly-capable and professional military leaders of the future,” he stated.

In the UK, NSC’s cutting-edge Joint Combat Operations Virtual Environment, which helps train soldiers to evade, counter and defeat ambushes and the threat of improvised explosive devices, has helped ready more than 12,000 personnel for missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, he added.


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