Iran Launched New Military Drill

IRNA21.11.2011 Iran
Iran Launched New Military Drill

Iran Launched New Military Drill

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Iran launched an air defense exercise on Saturday morning.

The exercise is being carried at the Seal of the Prophets military base in eastern Iran.

As part of the exercise, an attack on all of Iran, and in particular on its nuclear facilities, will be simulated.

The exercise will last four days and will include four different stages.

The military will use advanced missiles systems and artillery during the drill.

The official IRNA news agency says the drills involve the elite Revolutionary Guard as well as Iran's regular army in an area covering 800,000 kilometers in eastern Iran, near the Afghan border.

Aircraft movement will not be permitted in some regions in eastern Iran during this time period.

News of the drill came after the IAEA censured Iran earlier on Friday over mounting suspicions it may be seeking to develop atomic bombs.


Source: AP; IRNA – Photo: ISNA



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