Larijani: “Iran’s Missiles are for Defending Muslim Nations”

Tehran Times13.06.2011 Iran
Larijani: “Iran’s Missiles are for Defending Muslim Nations”

Larijani: “Iran’s Missiles are for Defending Muslim Nations”

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Iran will use its domestically manufactured missile systems to defend itself and other Muslim nations if they are threatened, Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani has said.


“We do not hide our defensive advancement and have designed advanced missile systems… Israel and the US should know that if they want to act violently toward Muslims, we will stand in their way,” Larijani told students at Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University in Jakarta.
According to the school of the late Imam Khomeini, the Founder of the Islamic Republic, Muslims should possess enough defensive strength to use against other countries in case they attack, he noted.
Commenting on the popular uprisings in Middle Eastern and North African nations, he said the people of these countries can no longer tolerate their dictatorial governments, which are subservient to the West.
The United States and other Western countries cannot manipulate these uprisings, he said, adding that they should know that the more they pressure these regional nations, the more determined their people will become.
Iran and Indonesia have issued a joint statement calling on every country to respect every other country’s rights and to avoid interfering in other countries’ internal affairs.

The statement was issued during a meeting between Larijani and Indonesian Parliament Speaker Marzuki Alie in Jakarta on this past week.
The statement also condemned all interference, including military intervention, in other countries.
The two parliament speakers underscored the importance of respecting the legitimate right of the people of the Middle East and North Africa to determine their political destiny.

Larijani and Alie also expressed their support for an agreement between the Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah to form an interim unity government.

They also called on all countries to recognize Palestine as an independent state.
In addition, part of the statement reads that the Iranian and Indonesian parliament speakers believe that cooperation on economic, trade, energy, tourism, and infrastructure projects can be increased through the expansion of interactions between the two countries’ parliaments.

Source: Tehran Times



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