Bahrain Seizes Smuggled Arms from Iran

Gulf Daily News – GDN28.07.2015 Bahrain
Bahrain Seizes Smuggled Arms from Iran

Source Bahrain Interior Ministry

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Bahrain has foiled a conspiracy to smuggle in high-grade explosives, automatic weapons and ammunition from Iran.

Almost 44kg of explosives, eight automatic assault rifles with 32 ammunition magazines and a number of detonators have also been seized, Gulf Daily News (GDN) reported.

The Interior Ministry announced Saturday that it had intercepted a vessel heading towards Bahrain on July 15, in a joint operation co-ordinated alongside the Coastguard, Police Aviation Unit and Royal Bahrain Naval Force.

Two Bahraini suspects on board the vessel were subsequently arrested.

The Ministry said in a statement that one of the suspects had received military training in Iran during August 2013, which included lessons in the manufacturing and use of explosive ordnance and improvised explosive devices, as well as firearms training at an Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ camp.

Both suspects were also provided with funds to assist the failed smuggling operation.

The suspects have admitted receiving the shipment from Iranian handlers outside Bahrain’s territorial waters.



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