Bahrain Calls for Joint GCC Stand Against Security Threats

Gulf Daily News – GDN30.07.2015 Bahrain
Bahrain Calls for Joint GCC Stand Against Security Threats

Bahrain Calls for Joint GCC Stand Against Security Threats

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Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries have been urged to adopt a unified stance to confront security threats.

“The Gulf states should look beyond hostile statements and scrutinize their motives and goals,” Bahrain’s Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa (photo) said.

They need to scrutinize hostile statements and understand their motives, the Premier said as he received Ruling Family members, senior officials, media figures and businessmen to discuss national, regional and international issues, Gulf Daily News (GDN) reported.

A unified stance is vital to adjust to the unfolding regional situation to stave off threats to landmark achievements of the GCC member states.

“We have to condemn foreign interference in our countries’ internal affairs, advance our interests and take a clear and unequivocal stance,” he said.

The Premier said Gulf nations provide their people with services and living standards that even exceed that of developed countries.

This, he said, is the result of sound policies and constant follow-up by their leaders.

Maintaining security and stability tops the government’s agenda, he said.

The Premier praised the patriotic feelings showcased recently by Bahraini citizens whom, he said, have, throughout history, set the example in loyalty to the nation and unity against whoever tries to harm it.

The Prime Minister also expressed appreciation for the patriotic stances of Bahrain’s Press and columnists for their denunciation of foreign interference in the country’s domestic affairs.



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