UK to Assist Bahrain in Bomb Plot Investigations

Al Khaleej Times01.08.2012 Bahrain
UK to Assist Bahrain in Bomb Plot Investigations

UK to Assist Bahrain in Bomb Plot Investigations

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The United Kingdom will cooperate with Bahrain in its investigations into recent discovery of bomb-making factories in the country.

Talking to the Press, British Ambassador Iain Lindsay said that Bahraini authorities have requested the British Police to assist them in the bomb plot investigations, adding that the two countries enjoyed fruitful and healthy relationship.

The offer followed discoveries made last month when Public Security Chief Major General Tariq Al Hassan announced that Security Forces seized materials used in making high intensity bombs during raids on hideouts of criminal elements in the Salmabad area.

Investigations into the event are ongoing with the assistance of London’s Metropolitan Police and Scotland Yard’s Bomb Data Centre.

Lindsay also spoke about the continuous efforts being made to strengthen relations between Bahrain and the United Kingdom.

“This year, the two countries will observe an exchange of delegations to enhance the cooperation in affairs relating to judicial system, human rights and the reform process,” he stated.

“We expect the arrival of senior British figures in Bahrain, as well as Bahraini Ministers and officials visiting the United Kingdom to reaffirm the countries’ relations in the various fields.”

On the occasion, Lindsay also highlighted the efforts of the British Embassy in expanding economic relations by the end of year by attracting more British companies to Bahrain.


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