Bahrain Names New Defense, Security Chiefs

30.11.2011 Bahrain
Bahrain Names New Defense, Security Chiefs

Bahrain Names New Defense, Security Chiefs

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Earlier this week, HRM King Hamad of Bahrain appointed Sheikh Khalifa bin Abdulla bin Mohammed Al Khalifa Supreme Defense Council Secretary General and his adviser on national security affairs, with the rank of Minister.

He also appointed Major General Adel bin Khalifa bin Hamad Al Fadhel Acting National Security Agency Chief.

The King issued a royal order reforming the council and defining its prerogatives.

Under new amendments, the council Secretary General shall be appointed by Royal Order. The Bahrain Defense Force (BDF) Commander-in-Chief shall appoint officers and personnel in the general secretariat, in co-ordination with the Secretary General.

The council by-law defines organizational aspects of the general secretariat to undertake its duties. In a decree, His Majesty tasked the National Security Agency with collecting intelligence information, uncovering detrimental spying activities and collaborating with foreign countries to protect Bahrain's security, institutions and systems.

The agency shall refer to the Interior Ministry cases requiring arrests without contravening the law on penal procedures.

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