Russia Developing High-Speed Combat Helicopter

Sputnik10.09.2015 Products
Russia Developing High-Speed Combat Helicopter

Russia Developing High-Speed Combat Helicopter

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Moscow-based Russian Helicopters company has begun work on the development of an advanced high-speed combat helicopter, the company's Deputy CEO for sales, Grigory Kozlov, said.

Earlier it was reported that the advanced high-speed combat helicopter (PSV) was under development, but it was unclear whether it would be an attack chopper or would be used as military transport.

As reported by Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Air Force Viktor Bondarev, the PSV is expected to put into commercial production by 2022. The military chopper can reach speeds of up to 500 kilometers per hour (311 miles per hour).

“At present, projects on the Mi-28NM, Ka-52K, Mi-26T2 [helicopters] are being realized, and work on an advanced high-speed combat helicopter has started,” Kozlov said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Russian Helicopters is a leading chopper design and manufacturing company, headquartered in Moscow, Russia.

The holding was founded in 2007, and includes five helicopter plants, two design bureaus, and enterprises for the production and maintenance of components, an aircraft repair plant and a service company that provides after-sales support in Russia and abroad.

Source: Sputnik; Photo: AP



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