Scott Webster Named CEO, Chairman of MBDA Inc.

19.11.2013 New Appointments


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The Board of MBDA and the Board of Directors of MBDA Incorporated, the US subsidiary of MBDA, have approved the appointment of Scott Webster as Chairman of the Board, CEO and Managing Director of MBDA Incorporated.

Scott is replacing Jerry Agee who has expertly led MBDA Incorporated since 2009 and is retiring.

Scott has served on the Board of Directors of MBDA Incorporated since 2009 and will formally succeed Jerry this month. Jerry and Scott have been working together closely the past several weeks to ensure a smooth transfer of responsibilities.

Scott is a co-founder of Orbital Sciences Corporation, one of America’s leading space system manufacturers.  He served as Orbital’s head of Business Development, President of its rocket systems division and Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of its satellite services subsidiary. He has been a member of Orbital’s board of directors since inception.

Antoine Bouvier, CEO of MBDA, said “Along with the MBDA Management team, I would like to warmly thank Jerry for his personal commitment, energy and dedication to MBDA. Especially, I want to point out Jerry’s great efforts and success in expanding the US business in Washington, DC and in Huntsville, Alabama.”


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