Russia Displays Over 1,000 Defense Products at EDEX 2021

LAGUK-Media Photo: Orlan-10E © Rosoboronexport Yury Laskin30.11.2021 Russia
Russia Displays Over 1,000 Defense Products at EDEX 2021

Russia Displays Over 1,000 Defense Products at EDEX 2021

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Russia is displaying over 1000 samples of defense products at the Egypt Defense Expo (EDEX) from November 29 to December 2, 2021 in Cairo.

According to Alexander Mikheev, CEO of Rosoboronexport, state defense trader and national exposition organizer, Egypt remains Russia’s important strategic partner, and Rosoboronexport continues to cooperate with Cairo “in any modern formats and across the entire lineup of military, dual-use and civilian export products”.

At EDEX 2021, Russian exposition is presenting to Egypt and other African states “the latest military technology while holding meetings and negotiations on relevant security issues”, added Mr. Mikheev.

Egypt is among those countries of Middle East and North Africa (MENA) which have a strong share of the Russian weaponry among the national defense equipment. Rosoboronexport recent deals with the Arabic World largest nation include the MiG-29M2 fighters and Ka-52 attack helicopters for the Egyptian Air Force as well as the Ka-52K shipborne version for the Egyptian Navy.

Seven leading Russia’s defense enterprises team with Rosoboronexport in Cairo, including Almaz-Antey Air and Space Defense Concern, Russian Helicopters (RH) and High Precision Weapons (HPW) holdings.

The Special Technology Center is exhibiting the Orlan-10E unmanned reconnaissance-strike aerial vehicle.

According to Alexander Mikheev, in 2021, this type of UAV was introduced to the international market to attract a dozen potential customers.

“Over 50 Orlan-10E drones have been already delivered to customers this year. We are preparing to launch new models soon, including kamikaze and heavy attack drones,” concluded Rosoboronexport CEO.

EDEX grounds witness presentation of the Kornet-EM universal missile system. The weapon comes from the Shipunov KBP Design Bureau of HPW, being an upgraded version of the famous ATGM. Kornet-E has been combat proven with a number of MENA armies to arise special interest to its successor.

According to Rosoboronexport catalogue, Kornet-EM is available in vehicle-mounted and man-portable versions. The weapon can employ various types of missiles to manage armor penetration behind ERA from 1100 to 1300 mm. The announced firing range is 150 to 8000 m for a missile with HE warhead and 150 to 10000 m for the one with tandem HEAT warhead.



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