International Military-Technical Forum ARMY-2023 Kicks Off Near Moscow

15.08.2023 Russia
International Military-Technical Forum ARMY-2023 Kicks Off Near Moscow

International Military-Technical Forum ARMY-2023 Kicks Off Near Moscow

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The IXth International Military-Technical Forum ARMY-2023 has opened on August 14 in Kubinka, Moscow region..

Almost 1,500 enterprises presented about 28,000 samples of military and dual-use products. The Forum is attended by 69 foreign delegations, 29 of which are headed by Defense Ministers and Chiefs of General Staffs.

The High Precision Weapons Holding annually presents at the ARMY Forum samples of the weapons and military equipment most in demand by the Russian Armed Forces, as well as new developments and solutions.

One of the show debuts - the BT-3F APC with the Kornet ATGM system is presented at the Holding exposition.

The BT-3F APC is based on the BMP-3F IFV. The amphibious vehicle is intended to equip the marines and paratroopers’ units. It has a crew of 3 plus up to 14 troopers in full arms. Maximum speed on a highway is 70 km/h, on water surface up to 10 km/h. The Kord machine gun replacement for the Kornet ATGM extends the vehicle fire power dramatically. The Kornet ATGM has been developed and serially produced by the Tula based Shipunov KBP Instrument Design Bureau, another HPW subsidiary.

The Kornet-E version has an active range of 5,5 km, the Kornet-EM - up to 8 km. The missile provides the armour penetration of 1100-1300mm behind explosive reactive armour protection.

Meanwhile, Bahrain News Agency (BNA) reported that Lieutenant General Abdullah bin Hassan Al Nuaimi, Defense Affairs Minister, participated in the International Military Forum (Army 2023).

The Forum takes place in Russia from 14-20 August 2023. (Yury Laskin, Laguk-Media; Photo © Yury Laskin)



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