Iveco Defence Vehicles at DSEI

04.09.2013 Europe
Iveco Defence Vehicles at DSEI

Iveco Defence Vehicles at DSEI

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Iveco Defence Vehicles will have a significant presence at DSEIa. In keeping with the increasing drive to make the most of COTS and MOTS equipment, the focus of this exhibition is on demonstrating how Iveco’s engineering expertise has allowed the development of existing platforms and drivelines to meet new roles of direct relevance to current and evolving requirements.

SUPERAV: The centre-piece of the main stand is the amphibious 8x8 SUPERAV displayed in the UK for the first time. Developed to meet the requirement for a vehicle to support littoral operations, SUPERAV provides class leading payload and protection. The base vehicle is currently being offered for the US Marine Corps (MPC) program.

Medium Protected Vehicle (MPV) Ambulance: The MPV family of vehicles was designed to meet an identified requirement for a platform which could provide highly protected workspace for a variety of specialist tasks, including route clearance, casualty treatment, communications, and command and control. The 4x4 variant on display is the casualty treatment variant, designed to provide medical staff with the opportunity to provide life-saving treatment well forward in the battle area.

LMV CBRN Variant: Iveco Defence Vehicles has teamed with Cristanini to develop a CBRN reconnaissance and survey vehicle. With full COLPRO and capable of undertaking the complete range of CBRN sampling, analysis, survey and marking tasks, the development of the LMV CBRN variant is timely as concerns grow about the use of CBRN agents.

Digital LMV: Iveco DV has undertaken a major upgrade program on its latest variants of the LMV. The version on display provides an increased GVW of up to 7.75 tonnes, and incorporates improved protection and enhanced mobility through the provision of Automatic Drive Management. The vehicle is carrying a THOR system produced by Rafael.

Enhanced Pallet Loading System (Protected) Demonstrator:  In 2009, Iveco delivered the Self Loading Dump Truck (Protected) (SLDT(P)) in response to an Urgent Operational Requirement from the UK MoD. This vehicle was based on the Protected Trakker 8 x 8 chassis and involved significant contributions from a variety of sub-contractors. Iveco has continued to develop the base vehicle further, focusing on developing a platform to meet the demand for protected EPLS vehicles. The demonstrator vehicle on display incorporates all the modifications made for the SLDT(P) program with the addition of a Cargotec Load handling System. The vehicle is carrying a Faun Trackway Dispenser mounted on ISO twistlocks.

Swiss Army Bridge Launching System: Demonstrating Iveco’s determination to work with the customer to meet engineering challenges is this further adaptation of the Trakker 8x8 chassis, a 10x8x6 vehicle designed in conjunction with WFEL for a bridge launching application for the Swiss army. The Swiss already have a fleet of Trakkers as their principal logistic carrier and the inherent commonality in developing a 10x8 for this specific application made good logistic sense.

Protected Trakker 4 x 4 Fuel Tanker: At the lighter end of the Trakker range is the protected 4x4 Fuel Tanker. This exhibit on the static line illustrates the high versatility of the Trakker range, with the 4x4 mounting the same protected cab as the 8x8 EPLS(P), and still retaining a highly usable payload.


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