Indra Launches Driving Simulator for 4-Wheel Military Vehicles

13.04.2016 Products
Indra Launches Driving Simulator for 4-Wheel Military Vehicles


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Indra has launched an innovative driving simulator for 4-wheel drive military vehicles which has been designed to standardize the training of Armed Forces personnel and reduce the number of accidents and collisions.

The company has already delivered the first two simulators to the Spanish Armed Forces. Located at the National Training Center of San Gregorio in Zaragoza, each system is adapted for driving training in both the RG-31 Nyala vehicle manufactured by BAE Systems and in IVECO's LMV.

Using the cab exchange system (roll in/roll out), the simulators adapt quickly and easily to recreate driving conditions in both types of vehicle. The system reproduces the actual cab fitted on a platform that provides motion. Inside, the visual system reproduces the different driving scenarios and sound effects of the surrounding area.

It can also be networked using an HLA connection for participating in joint virtual exercises, interacting with other simulators located at other bases. From the instructor’s position, a monitor sets the exercise conditions and assesses the driver’s performance, which can be recorded for subsequent analysis.

Indra’s driving simulators enable all kinds of exercises to be conducted, setting different tactical objectives and recreating a wide variety of scenarios – deserts, countryside, mountain roads, cities, bridges, two-way roads, highways –, as well as different weather and traffic conditions and surfaces –dust, mud, ice, etc.

They also provide training on overcoming obstacles and ramps with different gradients, the use of the so-called Roller equipment, which is used for crossing minefields, and driving while wearing night-vision goggles, among other possibilities.

The use of driving simulators offers a number of advantages, such as helping reduce the number of accidents and collisions while carrying injured soldiers, as they enable specific highly dangerous exercises to be performed in a safe environment. In this way, the students are trained to respond in real-life situations to avoid possible incidents. It also reduces the use and maintenance of real vehicles, improving their availability and controlling fuel usage.

Indra is a leading simulator manufacturer, having delivered more than 200 systems to 23 countries and 51 clients. It has developed training systems for the most advanced air platforms on the market, leading the development of the Eurofighter simulator and collaborating in the development of the simulator for the A400 M and the AW159 Lynx Wildcat helicopter manufactured by AgustaWestland, among other projects.

Indra has delivered to the Spanish Ministry of Defense simulators for the Tiger, Cougar and Chinook helicopters, as well as rifle simulators for soldier training and driving simulators for tanks such as the Leopard.



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