Avon Protection to Showcase CBRN Products at Eurosatory

10.06.2016 Europe
Avon Protection to Showcase CBRN Products at Eurosatory

Avon Protection to Showcase CBRN Products at Eurosatory

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The last decade has clearly demonstrated that the nature of threats to international security has changed significantly. Challenges such as terrorism, cyber-attacks and nuclear proliferation have created an entirely new security environment.

Avon Protection understands the threats we have today and what they mean for tomorrow. It delivers customized end-to-end security solutions and respiratory protection products, all underpinned by expert analysis, innovation and operational experience, to meet the changing chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threat environment.

Avon’s 130 years’ experience in respiratory protection across the military, law enforcement, first responder, fire-fighting and industrial sectors worldwide has given Avon Protection the insight and understanding to launch a new product range designed for the new threat environment.

The new AvonAir range is the first adaptive powered air system capable of being configured to match changing operational conditions and includes the EZAir+ power module, the FM54 mask, the MPPAPR and the CSPAPR.

The products are interoperable, cost effective, and able to protect users from a broad spectrum of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) situations - from small scale chemical spills or incidents at major events through to full defense solutions - to meet the new and changing needs of the specialist user.

Commenting on the new product range, James Wilcox, Global Director of Marketing said; “After 5 years of development, working alongside the end-user community, Avon has produced the next generation of modular CBRN respiratory protection. Our focus on providing the wearer with lighter, modular and fully integrated solutions is evident in the AvonAir range. In addition the ability for customer to configure systems depending on operational needs dramatically lowers their cost of ownership and maintenance.”

Avon’s range of handheld thermal imagers for firefighters, surveillance operatives, first responders and law enforcement officers are market leaders around the world. The argus P Type camera, designed for covert surveillance, will be used at Eurosatory to demonstrate how the heat signatures of people and objects can be used to detect hidden devices and voids.

With the ability to detect a person up to 500 meters away, quick start operation (5 seconds) to save time and battery life, and video and stills capability as standard, the P Type has many of the most advanced features available on any thermal imaging camera.

Avon Protection is a world leader in CBRN PPE and respiratory protection, providing complete solutions for air, land and sea based personnel in military, law enforcement, first responder, fire-fighting and industrial sectors worldwide.

Avon’s customized services include consultancy in specialist risk management and disaster recovery together with a range of tailored training packages through Avon Training and Consultancy.

Avon has been supplying respirators to the UK Ministry of Defence and other NATO allies since the 1920’s and is the primary supplier of CBRN personal respiratory equipment to the United States Department of Defense, providing respiratory equipment to the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Special Operations Forces. Additionally, Avon is the market leader among LE and SWAT users in the US.



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