Survitec to Develop Pilot Flight Equipment for Lockheed Martin’s F-16 “Viper”

08.11.2022 North America
Survitec to Develop Pilot Flight Equipment for Lockheed Martin’s F-16 “Viper”

Survitec to Develop Pilot Flight Equipment for Lockheed Martin’s F-16 “Viper”

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Survitec has been awarded a contract by Lockheed Martin to develop new flight equipment as part of a capability upgrade for the mission proven F-16 in service with air forces worldwide.

Survitec will leverage its 70 years of experience in the design and certification of high-performance functional garments to meet the safety and comfort needs of pilots operating the latest and most advanced F-16 configuration.

The F-16 Pilot Flight Equipment will use a fully modular design philosophy employed on F-35 Lightning II. Survitec holds the sole source contract for the full below-neck Pilot Flight Ensemble (PFE).

The equipment currently being developed will deliver excellent levels of pilot comfort and mobility whilst operating the aircraft and use the latest Survival Technology to provide unparallel protection during all phases of flight, ejection, and post-ejection survival, including in-water flotation and thermal protection. An extensive range of sizes and adjustment features will ensure excellent anthropometric fit across the full range of male and female pilots.

“This is a strategically important contract for Survitec, which builds on our current position supplying the highest performing PFE globally to over 40 types of training and front-line aircraft, including Eurofighter Typhoon, KF-21, PC21 and 5th generation platforms such as F-35,” said Martin Whittaker, CEO Aerospace and Defence, Survitec.

“Continually developing the highest levels of protection and performance is the core of what we do. At Survitec, our purpose is clear: We Exist To Protect Lives. We are delighted to be selected by Lockheed Martin to enhance mission capability and use Survitec developed equipment and technology to help keep F-16 pilots safe,” he stressed.

Nick Mulhall, Global Defence Business Development Director, Survitec, added: “The PFE we are introducing on Viper provides a significant uplift in protection and survivability compared to older equipment flown on most legacy F-16s. Viper pilots will be better protected and more comfortable during flight, and if they ever have to eject, will benefit from the very best protection available.”

Survitec is looking to the future with concepts already developed for the next generation of combat aircraft as well as continuing to develop capacities for existing fleets operating around the world.

Launch customers for Viper include Taiwan and another customer, with many other air forces actively evaluating the new F-16’s enhanced performance.

Survitec is a global Survival Technology leader in the maritime, defence & government, aerospace and energy sectors. Survitec has over 3,000 employees worldwide, covering 11 manufacturing facilities and over 400 service centres. They operate in over 2,000 ports, spanning 96 countries.

Survitec is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of liferaft, Marine Evacuation Systems (MES) and offshore rental PPE. Survitec is a leading supplier of fire solutions to the maritime industry and holds a leading market position for Pilot Flight Equipment in the aerospace & defence market.



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