Boeing to Provide Wind Updates Solution for Etihad Airways

09.02.2017 Aviation & Space
Boeing to Provide Wind Updates Solution for Etihad Airways

Boeing to Provide Wind Updates Solution for Etihad Airways

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Boeing announced that Etihad Airways signed a contract to introduce the Boeing Wind Updates solution into the airline’s operations.

The tool will increase efficiency and reduce fuel consumption across the carrier’s global operations.

By integrating the Wind Updates offering from Boeing Commercial Aviation Services, Etihad Airways can leverage real-time information to improve in-flight airplane performance based on atmospheric conditions. Boeing Wind Updates will optimize flight operations fleet-wide for Etihad Airways.

“Improved decision making by our flight crews and reduced fuel consumption are two of the hallmark features of the program that we look forward to implementing with this agreement,” said Richard Hill, Chief Operations Officer at Etihad Airways.

“Being aware of real-time wind data and their related conditions will enhance situational awareness in the flight deck, enabling us to fly the most efficient routes possible,” he added.

More current and accurate weather data is expected to reduce fuel consumption for Etihad Airways by an average of 200-400 lbs (90-180 kgs) of fuel per flight. Overall, Boeing Wind Updates will improve in-flight performance for Etihad Airways aircraft by providing customized, real-time wind and temperature information during every flight anywhere in the world. 

“Helping customers drive increased operational efficiency through our integrated portfolio of flight optimization solutions allows airlines to improve bottom line results,” said David Longridge, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Boeing Commercial Aviation Services.

“Boeing Wind Updates is a key component of these optimization services and we look forward to assisting Etihad Airways in reaching its operational goals,” he added.



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