Raytheon-Boeing Complete JAGM Test

06.09.2010 Aviation & Space
Raytheon-Boeing Complete JAGM Test

Raytheon-Boeing Complete JAGM Test

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Raytheon and Boeing completed the second of 3 government-sponsored firings of the Joint Air-to-Ground Missile. The JAGM used its imaging infrared (IIR) guidance system to hit an armored vehicle target at 4 kilometers (2.5 statute miles).

The Raytheon-Boeing JAGM features a fully integrated tri-mode seeker that incorporates semiactive laser, uncooled imaging infrared and millimeter wave guidance. The weapon leverages proven components from other Raytheon and Boeing programs, such as the Raytheon GBU-53/B Small Diameter Bomb II and the Boeing Brimstone.

"This test demonstrates the reliability of our mature and proven uncooled IIR sensor," said Bob Francois, Raytheon's Vice President of Advanced Missiles and Unmanned Systems. "Our uncooled IIR technology helps reduce the JAGM's complexity and dramatically reduces its total ownership cost by eliminating costly coolants and components. Warfighters will benefit from enhanced operational capabilities and elimination of post-mission maintenance on cooling systems."

This test marks the fourth time the Raytheon-Boeing team test-fired the weapon; the team conducted two successful company-funded tests of JAGM in April and a government-funded test June 28. During the most recent test, all three guidance systems operated simultaneously and provided telemetry data that enabled engineers to conduct further analysis of the weapon.

"Because Boeing builds two of JAGM's threshold platforms, and because our two companies are the world leaders in weapons integration, the Raytheon-Boeing team's weapon will provide a best-value solution to the warfighter," said Carl Avila, Director of Boeing Advanced Weapons and Missile Systems.

JAGM, designed to replace three legacy systems, offers the warfighter improved lethality, range, operational flexibility, supportability and cost savings compared with older weapons like the Hellfire missile.



Source: asdnews


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