Dubai Police to Get Google Glass to Fight Crime

Reuters07.10.2014 Security
Dubai Police to Get Google Glass to Fight Crime

Dubai Police to Get Google Glass to Fight Crime

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Dubai Police plan to issue detectives with Google Glass hands-free eyewear to help them fight crime using facial recognition technology, a Police spokesman in the emirate said.

The wearable device consists of a tiny computer screen mounted in the corner of an eyeglass frame and is capable of taking photos, recording video and playing sound.

The spokesman confirmed a report in Dubai's 7 Days newspaper that software developed by Dubai police would enable a connection between the wearer and a database of wanted people.

Once the device “recognizes” a suspect based on a face print, it would alert the officer wearing the gadget.

The gadget would be used in a first phase to combat traffic violations and track vehicles suspected of involvement in motoring offences. A second phase would see the technology rolled out to detectives, the spokesman said.

The US Internet company said in a blog post in May that anyone in the United States could buy the gadget for $1,500.

Dubai's decision appears in line with the authorities' determination to spare no expense in equipping the police.

Last year Dubai announced it would supply its Police with $400,000 Lamborghini sports cars for use at major tourist sites. Dubai's Deputy Police Chief said the vehicles were in keeping with the Gulf capital's image.

Source: Reuters; 7 Days



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